Joni Puljujärvi

About Me

My name is Joni Puljujärvi, and I am a Ph.D. student in mathematics at University of Helsinki. Well, I am quite many things, to be fair, such as a Finnish language planner, a hobbyist linguist, a musician, a philosopher and a web designer — and, of course, a friend of both science and art.

In mathematics, my more specific interests lie mostly on mathematical logic. I am currently working on computational complexity theory of quantum computation and applying dependence (and independence) logic to study questions arising from quantum physics. See also my university homepage.

A picture of me

As one of my hobbies, I compose music under the name of Crudelis Diabolus. I am also into literature, especially science fiction and fantasy genres. Along with reading, I also write quite a lot; I am in the middle of writing a black-humoured sci-fi piece called Jumalaton näytelmä (finnish for “Undivine Comedy”, literally “A Godless Drama” or “The Profane Comedy”). I am also a part of the writing team of Klaanon, an ongoing multiauthored multimedia story, with more than one Bible worth of text in it.

Video games are an important thing to mention among my hobbies, although playing them is something I do not have that much time for nowadays. I have composed several songs for games made by a friend of mine, Ville “Nanofus” Talonpoika.

It happens to be that I consider myself also a web designer. This portfolio page I built using HTML5, CSS3 and a tiny bit of JavaScript.